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Chilbolton Aerial Systems is a dynamic risk mitigation company that deploys state of the art Unmanned Aerial Systems technology in the fight against explosive remnants of war (ERW)


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operated Globally

Chilbolton aerial system was founded in 2017 by a collective of individuals who have operated within the United Kingdom’s unexploded ordinance (UXO)  risk mitigation sector, international humanitarian de-mining sector, and international aerial operations sector. The experience is further enhanced by all three founding members serving with the British Army as officers, including two of the three founders holding advanced EOD qualifcations.


  • aaron
    Aaron Florence

    15 years military service as a Royal Engineer and advanced explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operator. Operational tours of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Northern Ireland, with global experience of surveying and clearing large areas of land of ERW in remote arduous environments to governmental agreements.

    Since leaving the military, 3 years commercial experience with the UK UXO sector, managing UXO clearance operations for small scale projects to large multimillion pound projects. Notable experience within the sector – part of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) based out of Baghdad, conducting advanced sensor surveys with ground penetrating radar (GPR). Retired in 2015 as a Captain and founded Brimstone Site Investigation.

  • Angus.jpg
    Angus Benson-Blair

    18 years military service as a British Army Officer with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, positions included Sabre Squadron Leader and Regimental 2ic. Operational tours globally, including Iraq twice.

    Since 2010 he has been at the forefront of unmanned aerial systems, being the first ever pilot to have an Operational Safety Case approved by the CAA and holding the least restrictive permission of any UAS operator in the UK to date.

  • Richard.jpg
    Richard Holmes MBA

    7 years military service in the Royal Engineers as an advanced explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operator and diver, running the EOD Diving Team and working on live chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) tasks

    Gained understanding of mine clearance on tours of Bosnia, especially during an EOD tour in 1996. Subsequent career as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of G4S Ordnance Management (commercial) and Director of Programmes at Mines Advisory Group (NGO/501.c.3). Had de-mining programmes in 18 countries with over 2,500 personnel operating, working to State Department (PM/WRA).

our team 03

operated Globally

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why chilbolton aerial systems?

The senior team brings experience from across multiple sectors to provide a highly agile unmanned aerial system for ERW clearance. No other provider offers UXO risk mitigation assessments, surveys, investigation, and disposal for both commercial and humanitarian purposes. Our Global experience to IMAS standards in 18 territories has involved over 2,500 personnel. Our Aerial teams and pilots have years of experience flying and operating on high value, high risk projects.

1. Mission Critical Systems – Fully Redundant Design
2. Class Leading – British Ministry of Defence Autonomous Warrior Shortlist 2017
3. Self-Sufficient – Easily deployable, self-managed systems

  • Efficient

    Less time spent surveying ERW contaminated areas due to the speed and accuracy of the Chilbolton UAS. Outcome – application of trained de-miners and clearance assets to confirmed areas of contamination, greatly increasing efficiency.

  • effective


    Less interaction with ERW contaminated areas as Chilbolton UAS will survey and highlight areas of concern via highly sensitive data recording, this enables ERW clearance teams to target specific areas with contamination.

  • economical


    Less time to survey ERW contaminated areas due to the speed of Chilbolton’s’ UAS which decreases hours spent on site. Economic benefit to any mine action project as empty areas can be identified and assets focussed on better defined, Confirmed Hazardous Areas.

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why chilbolton aerial systems?

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end to end service provider

Chilbolton Aerial Systems provide end-to-end service for all ERW risk mitigation.

  • risk-assessments

    Risk Assessments

    Detailed ERW risk assessment to ensure local nationals and deployed individuals have comprehensive knowledge on the posed ERW risk.

  • quality-management

    Quality Management

    Chilbolton Aerial Systems ERW Survey, providing millimetre accurate magnetometer data to identify landmines and other ERW ready for follow on EOD experts.

  • erw-surveys

    ERW Surveys

    Quality assurance and quality control, to enable and support other humanitarian mine action organisations.

  • class-leading

    Class Leading

    Innovation in the Technical Survey phase of land clearance, delivering actual data on whole of Suspected Hazardous Areas without the risk of cutting survey lanes.

Chilbolton Aerial Systems can operate across a spectrum of industries to assist in mitigating the risk of ERW. Applications can be used across:

  • Land remediation
  • Military Range Clearance
  • ERW Survey for oil and gas
  • UXO aerial survey for construction
  • Solar and windfarm UXO survey
  • Battlefield area clearance
  • Cluster munition clearance
  • Humanitarian de-mining

Services 05

end to end service provider

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REad newsupdates

  • Phase II trial
    September 2017

    CAS ran multiple trials to ensure the sensors would not be impacted by the “noise” of the air-frame, in the foreground you can see one of the eight items of UXO (German SC50) that were used to test the system.

  • class-leading
    British Army Warfighting Experiment
    December 2017

    Chilbolton Aerial Systems have been shortlisted for the British Army Warfighting Experiment, Autonomous warrior 2018, after demonstrating capabilities to greatly enhance the British MOD’s capability and survivibility in detecting buried improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

  • Richard.jpg
    Richard Holmes visits Geneva
    February 2018

    The 21st International Meeting of National Mine Action Programme Directors and United Nations Advisers is designed to provide an opportunity for delegates to network and exchange best practice and lessons learnt in response to current trends in mine action. The theme of this year’s meeting will be “Advancing protection, peace and development”.

  • Phase II trial test
    February 2018

    CAS ran multiple trials to ensure the sensors would not be impacted by the “noise” of the air-frame, in the foreground you can see one of the eight items of UXO (German SC50) that were used to test the system.

news 05

REad newsupdates

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